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INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD EBOARD MULTI/T The Interactive Whiteboard Eboard Multi/t measures 1680x1314mm and looks pristine in any installation. Features include: 14 buttons on both sides making it highly efficient and easy to access. Owing to the multi touch capabilities of the Parrot eBoard Multi-Touch, 2 users are able to operate the product/screen simultaneously. They may use their fingers or Stylus E-pens to write with or to perform mouse functions and can even erase and manipulate objects. The board's multi-gesture recognition makes for easier operation and swift reactions to performed gestures. The product is compatible with Windows/ Ubuntu/ Linux/ MacOs/ Debian/ Linkat and there is no possibility of lighting interference at all. One attraction that is very appealing is that this product comes with a 3 year warranty, as well as our usual swift service delivery. It includes an 8m USB cable which is very handy as this is the cable through which power is supplied to the screen so no hassles with extension leads whatsoever. The screen has full HDMI quality and the aspect ratio is 4:3. The CPU is 2.1 Ghz or higher. Other features are HDD: 1 Gb free hard disk space for installation, RAM: 1 Gb or higher and the output: HDMI/VGA/USB. As always this product proudly supports our quality Parrot Product Markers in the event of a power failure. Whiteboard markers can be erased with a damp cloth or Parrot cleaning fluid, all of which we supply. We offer a range of very high quality Parrot products, all of which are easy to view on our user friendly site which has been beautifully laid out for quick navigation. We are aware of the daunting task of figuring out which product to choose, especially if one is not yet familiar with a new product or new technology. That is why our friendly trained staff are on call to assist you with any product related queries. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, no matter how frustratingly confusing the information may be. After all we want our customers to be completely sure of their purchases before placing orders so that by the time the product arrives the customer knows what to expect. Please always make sure that the correct markers are used as permanent markers will not erase and this could damage or stain the screen.

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