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Justick is one of the most exciting and innovative whiteboard/ blackboard/ noticeboard inventions available at the moment. This triple function whiteboard allows you to display, write and interact within minutes. Nothing is easier to use.

How does it work?

When using the Justick whiteboard you just lift the Clearview dry erase overlay and place relevant papers or pictures, notices, templates, training materials or “to do” lists on the board. The electro static charge running through the surface of the board adheres those papers to the surface of the board and keeps them securely in place. Lower the plastic cover over the notices and write onto the dry erase overlay. The effect is that you are making notes onto whatever the template is behind the clear overlay

So, a sports coach may use a template of a rugby field stuck behind the overlay. Then the coach can make notes on the overlay as if writing onto and planning moves on the field of play. When the coach is done with the rugby students and then has the hockey students for a lesson, the coach removes the rugby field template and replaces it with a hockey field template, uses an eraser to clear the dry erase overlay and writes on the overlay again.

Using a whiteboard dry erase marker allows you to interact and illustrate your concepts and explain instructions within seconds. Because of the overlay you never mark original items and can easily wipe away and start over again as many times as necessary.

The patented technology

Electrical energy flowing through the surface of the Justick board creates an electro static charge to attract paper. This solution was invented so that there is no need for tape, push pins, glue or magnets. Any paper item will just adhere securely to the board within seconds and can easily be removed or adjusted.

Justick boards are the perfect product for businesses, schools, universities, homes, aftercare centres or conference halls. Anywhere where presentations are delivered or where information needs to be displayed and is then easily available for perusal.

No more messy papers that get torn off or blown away or removed and lost. No need for the extra cost of pins or magnets which always seem to disappear when you need them most. The only extra tool needed is a whiteboard marker or various markers which are available in different colours and will ensure that your display looks bright and eye-catching.

Justick boards come in many sizes and configurations, from the traditional wall hanging board to wall strips and even desktop stands for transcription, desktop organization for things like photos or to keep notes at hand on your desk.


The Justick whiteboard creates its electrical charge using batteries that generally last over 12months and can easily be replaced. Justick is the ultimate in cost-effective collaboration tools and the next generation in notice and display boards.

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