Roller Rail Systems- How they Work

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Roller Rail - Track Mounting Bracket

Roller Rail Systems- How they Work

Blackboards and whiteboards are made to be temporary notice boards which hold information that can later be wiped off. It makes for a great way to display text and even hold up pictures if necessary. They are widely used in classrooms, offices and in pretty much any setting that has a person explaining something else to a group of people. Boards also come in handy when messages need to be left for others. The temporary nature of boards are what make them excellent tools for instruction.

There is, however, a negative side to it as well. White and black boards only have a limited space on which a user can write after which to continue writing, the text has to be cleaned off. This is a great disadvantage because in a school or college setting, where the teacher is trying to explain complicated subjects, there might be a need for a lot more board space.

Roller rail systems

Roller rail systems are made to allow the user a way to double or triple the writing space that a single board offers. The system is quite simple in the way it works. Unlike your more complicated wire and gear top-down boards used in old classrooms that required skilled handling to make sure the three sets of boards are at the right place all the time, roller rails horizontally and not vertically. They fan out and are set on sturdy rails that are akin to sliding windows, except they have writing surfaces and are fixed to the wall.

There are several types of rail systems depending on the kind of load that need to be shifted. Flat rollers that are fixed to the rail frame at the top and bottom will have the board sit atop the rollers and the board will be moved on them. Another type of roller looks like a monorail system wherein the rollers are embedded within the frame of the board and not placed on the rails. The rails will simply be a single track and the board will travel on it. Such boards are popular because of their reliability.

The boards can be used either as a central one with two wings on both sides, or can go from one end and be extended lengthwise depending on the teacher. Another idea that several schools seem to prefer is multiple types of boards. The rails can have a blackboard, a whiteboard and a fabric notice board. Combinations of the three are also possible. Such variations can be useful for when one board stays stationary while the other two or three can be alternated.

Rails are an inexpensive way to extend the board real estate of a classroom without spending too much money. More so when the size of the class is limited. The best part about the rail system is that it is completely customisable. Every single one of them are made to order and will be assembled on site, making the purchase decision easy.

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