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A decade ago, if someone had told me that one day people would be writing and drawing on walls and that it wouldn't be graffiti and it would be embraced by people from all walks of life instead of confined to a small number of grubby miscreants I probably wouldn't have believed it. Back in the day if kids drew on walls in their or other people's houses they usually got their hides tanned and suffered the scorn of most of the adults. Well the times they are a changing. We have so much available that we are spoiled for choice. So much so that the accumulation of waste has become one of the most controversial topics and gave rise to a huge conservation and recycling consciousness. If like most people you try to do your part in this regard then you may love this write and wipe product with its high-gloss finish. Whiteboard paint is now available so you can turn almost any smooth surface into an interactive hands on learning and sharing creative tool. The clear, high gloss product means you can turn any colour wall into a dry erase surface. One litre of paint should cover about five square metres. The list of surface ideas is endless. From walls to desks to old blackboards to sheet metal and on and on. Basically any smooth surface can be turned into a whiteboard. If this interests you, and why wouldn't it, it's important to thoroughly research the product you buy as well as the surface you intend to paint. Because walls and wood won't ever be as smooth as glass, for example, it's vital that the surface be properly prepared before you apply the paint. Once opened the paint must be properly mixed and applied so find out as much as possible about wall and other surface preparation, primers, colours and topcoats, as well as drying times between coat applications. Thorough agitation of paint mixtures is equally important for optimum results. Preparation is key. Find the variety of Whiteboard paints and accessories here People are loving this product. From executives who turn entire walls into collaborative areas to teachers painting students’ desks and parents and children, all experience increased productivity and greater group participation. It changes the dynamic of the learning experience. People move around more and the hands on artistic, creative aspect of the participative learning experience always yields positive results. This can only benefit you and increase productivity. Once your information is written down, if you want to store the information, you can take a picture with your phone, which is what many employees, teachers and students are doing. It certainly helps with problem solving especially in maths and creative writing and brainstorming. The list goes on and on... There is no reason to not get this product. It only has benefits and it's quite user friendly. Not to mention the amount of paper you will save as well as the easy cleaning of the board so time is saved too. This is potentially a whole new world of possibilities. Find the variety of Whiteboard paints and accessories here

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