Adaptor Display Male To Vga Female

Adaptor Display Male To Vga Female

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Product Description

The DisplayPort male to VGA female adaptor enables you to connect several computers with a DsiplayPort easily. By using it the signals can be converted from DisplayPort to VGA easily. With this handy adaptor, you can enjoy many benefits brought by it. The most obvious one is you can get more desktop area to have more applications visible at once.


  • DisplayPort v1.1 Compliant
  • Enable high quality optional digital audio transmissions
  • Embedded clock architecture to reduce EMI susceptibility
  • Support greater than QXGA (2048x1536) resolution at 24-bit colour depths
  • Support existing VESA and CEA standards
  • Support hot plug and unplug detection as well as link status-failure detection
  • Support reduced bandwidth transmission via direct drive over a 15M cable
  • Supports a minimum of 1080P resolution at 24bpp, 50/60Hz at 15 M
  • Support conversion from DisplayPort signal to VGA signal
  • Support DisplayPort connector 20pins
  • Support 8-bit & 10-bit deep colour
  • Support the video bandwidth up to 10.8Gbps
  • Support the 1Mbps' bidirectional auxiliary channel
  • Support the 1 lane, 1 direction, 4 lines connection


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