Floor To Ceiling Channel System Kit

Floor To Ceiling Channel System Kit


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This Floor to Ceiling Channel System Kit allows you to hang two cables from the ceiling to the floor which connects to channel extrusions.

This will allow you to affix signage material to the clamps on the cables.

Product Features

  • Aluminium with a satin finish.
  • Accommodates panels 3-8mm.
  • Can be used with glass, aluminium composite panels, acrylic, etc.
  • Masonry screws, wall plugs and allen keys are included.
  • Sign material excluded.
  • Material is held in place with an adjustable grub screw.
  • Screws directly into the ceiling and floor.
  • Channel versions are available.
  • Custom graphic design and printing available but not included.

Retail Pack

  • 2 x DM5300 Cable
  • 12 x DM5020 single sided clamp
  • 2 x DM5100 channel extrusion
  • 4 x Masonry screws and plugs
  • 2 x Allen Keys (2mm & 3mm)


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