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Our face shields are designed to ship and store flat to facilitate shipping and storage of the shields.


The face shields also dissemble flat when removed by the wearer to enable easier and more thorough cleaning and sterilization. The flat shields can be completely submerged in the correct sterilization liquid.

The parts can be assembled and disassembled without the use of tools and are held
together via tabs and associated slots. The screen has two score lines to facilitate a bend of approximately 45 degrees on either side to increase protection. The headband and straps have ergonomic geometry to suit a wide range of users.

Cleaning and Sterilization

This is only a peremptory guideline and in no way constitutes medical advice or practice. Please conduct your own due diligence regarding the proper sterilization and cleaning of your face shield.

It is highly recommended to submerge (sink) the shield parts into disinfection solutions, this way you will ensure that the solution reaches 100 % of the surface. You can also use aerosol (spray) but apply the procedure at least twice to reach most of the surface.

Select one of the disinfecting methods from the table below, let the solution do its job. Most of the solutions will evaporate after several minutes. You can remove the remains using a paper towel, avoid using the same towel on multiple shields, avoid cross-contamination. Always wipe in one direction.

Bulk Pricing

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101-500 units ---> R62.00 ex VAT

501+ unit ---> R59.50 ex VAT Negotiable, please speak to us.



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