Interactive Whiteboard System Ultra Short Focus

Interactive Whiteboard System Ultra Short Focus

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Parrot Interactive Whiteboard System Ultra Short-Focus - Infra Red
  • Make any wall or board an Interactive Whiteboard System.
  • Easily mounted on a wall or on a Whiteboard.
  • Can be used on most flat, stable surfaces. For best results use with a Parrot Non-Reflective Whiteboard.Order code: IW1063.
  • High resolution and quick response.
  • Operating Principle: Infrared image processing position tracking.
  • Communication interface: Connected to PC through USB.
  • Supports 60" (1524mm) to 100" (2540mm) whiteboards.
  • Displays in either 4:3 or 16:9 ratio.
  • Support arm is extendable from 370mm to 600mm.
  • Minimal interference from light due to short distance from surface.

*Product comes with a free training voucher (South African region only)



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