JC Vision JCSense P9 Portable Interactive Whiteboard


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VAT included.

Convert any traditional whiteboard or regular TV into an interactive surface.

Portable and easy to move from one surface to another.

Plug & play.


High quality at a very competitive price.

Includes free Smart Educational Software (Disc supplied).

Wireless dongle WD101 (Included) to connect wirelessly to a computer.

See brief videos of this product setup and operation at the following links:

JCVision JCSENSE Portable IWB P9 Make regular Whiteboard Into Interactive - YouTube

JCVision JCSENSE Portable IWB P9 Make TV into an Interactive Panel


Technology: Ultrasonic and Infrared
Station Dimension: 220 x 33 x12.5mm
Active Area: 40″ ~ 100″
Weight: 0.68 kgs
Response: 60-90 Hz
Calibration: 4 points by manual
Software: Junctionview V4.0
OS: Windows XP/ Win 7/Win 8/Vista
Writing tools: Ultrasonic pen
I/O: USB 1.1/2.0 mini B
3 years limited for station;
6 months limited for accessories



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