Justick Large Format XCU Polycarbonate - 900 x 1220mm

Justick Large Format XCU Polycarbonate - 900 x 1220mm


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A next generation bulletin/notice board with premium aluminium frame to display anything from notices, reminders, illustrations, training material, etc., to organize your environment. Use our Justick Tags to increase your productivity.

No pins, no cellotape, no glue, no magnets - IT JUST STICKS!

Patented and internationally award-winning electro-static technology. With this triple function whiteboard you can write, display and interact. Firstly, use it as a high quality dry-erase whiteboard that will not ghost or stain. Secondly, lift the Clearview dry-erase Overlay and place notices, reminders, illustrations, Justick Templates or training materials on the Justick white surface. Thirdly, use a whiteboard marker to interact and illustrate your instructions and concepts without marking the original items. The ultimate collaboration tool. Batteries generally last over 12 months. Click below to see how it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVeE1j5cdPw


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