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Turn your whiteboard on. Share the content you write on a whiteboard, instantly with anybody onto a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. A camera-based system that captures what is written on a whiteboard and made available to invited users. Smart technology eliminates everything except the content of the whiteboard. This allows participants in any whiteboard presentation to save and print the contents easily after the presentation - essentially allowing them to fully participate and engage, without having to worry about taking notes to replicate what is on the whiteboard. Kaptivo does that for them! Click here to see a video. With over 50 million installed world wide, dry erase whiteboards are being utilized more than ever for their immediacy, convenience and productivity benefits. Dry erase whiteboards allow people to work fast and collaboratively, but there has previously been no way to easily share or save the board content outside the meeting room. Participants take photos of the whiteboard or make notes - that is no longer necessary! Kaptivo lets dry-erase whiteboards be seen beyond the conference room, easily integrating with any video conference system and any whiteboard already on the wall. Interactive whiteboard technology is clumsy and expensive, but Kaptivo is quick to install and effortless to use, making sharing and saving the whiteboard content simpler, easier and better. Kaptivo works with any web browser, and all video conference platforms supporting screen sharing. Simply share your whiteboard with anyone Click here to see a video demo of the Kaptivo system in action  Click here to read the Kaptivo spec sheet


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