Parrot Products Electric Projector Screens

Parrot Products Electric Projector Screens

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Electric Projector Screen - Available in various aspect ratios 1:1 or 4:3 or 16:9
  • The motor is quiet, secure and precise
  • The screen stays wrinkle-free, is flame retardant and mildew resistant
  • Black framed, black backed screen
  • Remote and wall-mounted controls included.

Viewing sizes are as follows (screen size first and viewing size next):

1750x1330mm --> 1700x1280mm

1830x1830mm --> 1780x1780mm

1870x1110mm --> 1770x1000mm

2110x1600mm --> 2030x1520mm

2440x1420mm --> 2340x1320mm

2440x1830mm --> 2340x1750mm

2440x2440mm --> 2340x2340mm

2730x1580mm --> 2630x1430mm

3050x2310mm --> 2950x2210mm

3050x3050mm --> 2950x2950mm



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