Whiteboard Paint 1 litre


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Please follow this link for the Install Process Pamphlet. For more information, please see below. Use whiteboard paint to turn any wall into a dry-erase whiteboard! The easiest and most stylish way to create brainstorming walls and creative spaces.


Our paint is clear dry-erase paint and can be applied onto any colour wall to turn it into a dry erase surface. One litre of whiteboard paint without installation. This should be sufficient for about 5 square meters of coverage. Usage and cleaning instructions at this link

Please note that we cannot be held liable or responsible in any way for installation failure or problems with the installation process. No warranty will apply to the product. It is critical to follow the installation process carefully so please see the link provided above. Paint will harden quickly once the hardener has been mixed in. The smoother the surface onto which this is painted, the better the write and wipe result will be. THIS PRODUCT TAKES BETWEEN 3-5 DAYS FOR DELIVERY.



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