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[caption id="attachment_6659" align="alignright" width="300"]GlassBoard_300dpi.jpg Magnetic Glass Whiteboard[/caption] Our range of Magnetic Glass Whiteboards from Parrot Products are perfect for your needs. We have a large range of Top Quality Magnetic Glass Whiteboards in any size you need. Manufactured using the latest technology, and to the highest standards, our glass whiteboards are the perfect addition to any office or room.  Stylishly designed in silver and white, they add that extra bit of flair for an exclusive, yet functional look. And as an added bonus, ALL of our glass whiteboards come with FREE delivery to your door! In addition, Parrot Products manufactures all their products using recyclable materials and green processes to minimize the environmental impact. Our Magnetic Glass Whiteboards have the following features:
  • High quality toughened glass surface - 4mm thick.
  • Works just like a normal whiteboard - easy to write on and easy to erase
  • Magnetic surface that you can stick magnets on
  • Finished with polished steel fittings.
  • Supplied with 300 x 100mm pentray.
  • Panels can be mounted landscape and portrait.
  • Panels can be installed next to each other for larger surface area.
  • Includes
    • Markers (Red & Black)
    • Eraser
    • 4x Extra-Strength Magnets
Select the size you want below:
  • Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 2400x1200mm [add_to_cart sku="BD1776" style=""]
  • Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 1800x1200mm [add_to_cart sku="BD1768" style=""]
  • Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 1500x1200mm [add_to_cart sku="BD1761" style=""]
  • Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 1200x1200mm [add_to_cart sku="BD1752" style=""]
  • Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 1200x900mm [add_to_cart sku="BD1741" style=""]
  • Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 900x900mm [add_to_cart sku="BD1728" style=""]
  • Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 900x600mm [add_to_cart sku="BD1725" style=""]


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