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[caption id="attachment_5769" align="alignright" width="183"]Revolving Whiteboard Revolving Whiteboard[/caption] We have a fantastic range of double sided revolving whiteboards, manufactured by Parrot Products. Revolving whiteboards are a great solution when you want to have a whiteboard that can easily be moved around.  With durable construction and a sturdy stand, you can move your whiteboard anywhere you need it on it's lockable castors. Our double sided revolving whiteboards can be written on both sides, and will fit through a standard door (2100mm diagonally) without disassembling. They are an elegant and practical solution, and with Parrot Product's high standards of quality, you can be confident that you will get the best revolving whiteboard out there. We sell a wide range of sizes for every need.  Order now and get FREE delivery to all major cities in South Africa.
  • Available in Magnetic or Non-Magnetic surface (Please contact us for a quote on Non-Magnetic if required)
  • Comes with a double sided pentray (450mm)
  • Constructed with a sturdy and stylish anodised aluminium frame
  • Double sided Revolving Whiteboard allows writing on both sides
  • Double cross bars ensure stability
  • Easy assembly without tools
  • Durable and stylish plastic cross bar stabilizer
  • Will go through a standard door (2100mm diagonally) without disassembling.
  • Total height of 1948mm for boards 900mm in height
  • Total height of 2117mm for boards 1200mm in height
Select the size you want below:
  • Magnetic Revolving Whiteboard 1800x1200mm [add_to_cart sku="BD4268" style=""]
  • Magnetic Revolving Whiteboard 1500x1200mm [add_to_cart sku="BD4260" style=""]
  • Magnetic Revolving Whiteboard 1800x900mm [add_to_cart sku="BD4269" style=""]
  • Magnetic Revolving Whiteboard 1500x900mm [add_to_cart sku="BD4261" style=""]
  • Magnetic Revolving Whiteboard 1200x900mm [add_to_cart sku="BD4241" style=""]


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