Edu Bd S Leaf 1220*910 Mag White Lines Squares

Edu Bd S Leaf 1220*910 Mag White Lines Squares

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Edu Board Swing Leaf 1220x910mm Magnetic White Lines & Squares
Please note: This is the swing leaf panel (Option B). For the full educational board solution, order options A & C also.
    • Heavy duty plastic hinges, aluminium frame.
    • The swing leaf panels include are double sided.
    • Available in 7 writing surfaces: - Magnetic Whiteboard,
      • Non-Magnetic Chalk Board,
      • Magnetic Chalk Board
      • Lines & Grids (on Magnetic Whiteboard and Non-Magnetic Chalk Board surfaces only),
      • Maps & Music Lines (on Magnetic Whiteboard surface only)
    • Deluxe frame 22.7mm wide
    • Includes mounting instructions.

    CKS 36:2004 Compliant
    All boards comply to Standards South Africa in terms of CKS 36: 2004 Edition 4.
    As approved by the Department of Trade and Industry in April 2004.



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