HP OneLam 400 A4 Laminator


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The HP OneLam 400 A4 is a compact laminator for versatile use in the hobby sector and home office and fits neatly on any desk.

This modern laminator is suitable for both hot and cold lamination and seals your documents from business cards up to A4 format.

An intuitive function button is used to set the required temperature based on the film thickness and this modern assistant is ready for use in 2-4 minutes.

Included – –Mini trimmer and corner rounder

Does note include any laminating pouches.

Technical data:

Areas of use: Private household, hobby supplies, office workplace
Laminating formats From the business card to DIN A4 format
Warm-up time: 2 - 4 minutes for 80 microns
Film thickness: 75/80 micron to 125 microns or 0.5 mm thick
Use: Hot and cold lamination
Laminating speed 400 mm per minute
Temperature 120 - 150 degrees Celsius
Heating system 2 wheels are heated from the inside
Input width: 230 mm
Colour: White
Accessories Cutting ruler, corner round
Functional button On/off, 75/80 micron, 125 micron, cold
Temperature controlled Each film thickness has its own temperature
Automatic standby mode After 30 minutes
ABS function Roller release lever


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