Wire Binder Element 23 Loop - Click for selection

Wire Binder Element 23 Loop - Click for selection


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Wire binding elements are used with wire binding machines that crimp the element to close it. They are available in the following sizes in black or white with 23 loops (2:1 pitch):

7.9mm (46-60 sheets 100 units)

9.5mm (61-85 sheets 100 units)

11mm (86-95 sheets 100 units)

12.7mm (96-110 sheets 100 units)

14.3mm (111-120 sheets 100 units)

16mm (121-135 sheets 50 units)

19mm (136-165 sheets 50 units)

22mm (166-180 sheets 50 units)

25.4mm (181-200 sheets 50 units)

28mm (201-250 sheets 50 units)

32mm (251-280 sheets 50 units)

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