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Why Choose Interactive Whiteboards

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Why Choose Interactive Whiteboards

In this day of technological advancement and ‘smart’ products, it is only natural that basic learning tools have changed dramatically. Students make use of advanced learning methods that include computers, tablets, and other interactive, connected devices that help them understand what they are learning easily. Relying solely on textbooks alone is not something anyone does anymore. Why then should teaching methods also not change accordingly?

In a traditional classrooms, the teacher writes things on a board and the students note them down. Teaching methods, however, call for more than simply writing down formulas and other important pointers on a board. Visual aids are proven to be far more effective to help students understand complex concepts. This is where interactive whiteboards come to play.

What is an interactive whiteboard?

In its simplest form, an interactive whiteboard is a whiteboard over which digital images can be projected via a specialized projector. The images that get projected can also be manipulated by the teacher to make it easier for students to grasp what is being taught. It is a teaching aide that makes it possible for teachers to teach more effectively and for students to instantly understand what is being instructed. Items that are projected onto the interactive whiteboard can be moved, copied, zoomed into, and flipped, all with the teacher’s hands that work like a cursor.

The technology was first developed for use by businessmen who needed a fancy way to show presentations in their meetings. While that was a good way to use it, its potential for classrooms is great. You can see these whiteboards in classrooms all over the world.

Do you have an interactive whiteboard?

While most teachers still like to explain their mathematics and science to students the traditional way and even shun the idea of using such technology to teach, it only takes a simple demonstration to show the depth of such system’s capabilities. It is true that attention spans have gotten shorter, so why must lectures and classes that are important lag behind? For those who are still apprehensive about an interactive whiteboard, think of the additional features that this system affords. Handwritten notes can also be used with this system and have the same level of interaction as specially prepared graphics.


Student and audience participation is also something that most teachers will want to a greater degree. For many, teaching to a class that seems to be listening and hopefully absorbing the information is all the feedback they get. It can be tiring and in many cases disheartening. Interactive whiteboards have the distinction of being tools that encourage participation from students right away. When they see instead of just hear, they are able to absorb the information and it becomes knowledge. That is the main goal of teaching- to convert information into knowledge.

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