The Disadvantages of Using Interactive Whiteboards and How to Overcome Them

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The Disadvantages of Using Interactive Whiteboards and How to Overcome Them

Without a doubt, using interactive whiteboards offers a number of benefits, including a greater level of flexibility and more effective means of communication. However, interactive whiteboards are not without their set of drawbacks but fortunately this does not mean you won’t be able to use them effectively. Here’s a look at the potential drawbacks of using interactive whiteboards and how to overcome them:

High Cost

The biggest and the most obvious disadvantage of using an interactive whiteboard is cost. Compared to a traditional whiteboard, it can cost many times more, but when you get us to install, we can do so at an affordable rate. Add to that, there are added costs for installation and accessories which can increase the overall cost you have to bear, which again we ensure you don’t have to bear. More often than not, people who are required to use the system would have to be first trained on its use, which could also add up to the cost, but not when you work with us as we offer free training. The regular maintenance and troubleshooting can, particularly for the more advanced types, be somewhat expensive. The solution to this issue is to buy interactive whiteboards in bulk which might get you a discount on the purchase and installation. Apart from that, understand the purpose for which you will be using the IWB and whether or not the local technical team in your organization or institution will be able to maintain and troubleshoot it themselves. Regarding the training hassle, you can train one person and then have him/her train the others.

Extensive Content Preparation Required

Apart from the time taken for training people on how to effectively use it, unlike the traditional marker boards, the content has to be created beforehand and the appropriate software has to be installed for the content to be displayed properly. This can take up a substantial amount of time everyday from your schedule, which otherwise you could have spent dealing with important matters. To overcome this issue, prepare the whole content for the school year in advance or in case of businesses, hire people specifically dedicated to generating content as per your instructions. Do keep in mind this is a one-time cost and once you create the content, it can be used for the whole school year.

Bright Light Can Limit Usability

Depending on the size of the interactive whiteboard, any lights around the place where the interactive whiteboard is installed can interfere with the display. Fortunately, this is not a major problem at all as you can simply ensure the room is dark when you start using the IWB.

Impact on Eye Health

Continuously looking at the screen, particularly in dark areas, can strain the eyes and even effect eyesight. Avoid continuously staring for too long or too close. Look away from the screen once in a while for a few minutes and encourage the other people viewing the content on the screen to do so as well.

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