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The Whiteboard Shop is an official online supplier of Parrot Products white boards and related products. Our extensive range of products includes the best white boards available in South Africa. Parrot Products is a wholly South African owned company with the most sophisticated white board production facility in the country. Highly advanced computer systems and in-house developed software are geared specifically towards Parrot Products' manufacturing line and quality control. After entering the market with its initial range of pin boards and office information boards, Parrot Products expanded its range to keep up with customer requirements. Subsequently, numerous products were developed to cater for the office and educational environment. Their whiteboards are standard equipment in hundreds of schools, universities, offices, boardrooms and homes throughout the country. Subsequently, they developed their distribution and sales network to include international channels. The Whiteboard Shop stocks the entire range of best quality whiteboards and related stationery products, from drawing pins to interactive LCD screens.  

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