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Why Order from The Whiteboard Shop?

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The Whiteboard Shop offers expert advice and below-retail pricing on an expansive range of workplace and education display and presentation products, supplemented with office equipment, supplies and machinery to accomplish everything from binding and laminating to shredding and cutting. We are the leading specialists in optimal informational and creative displays - we supply the best quality products from leading brands.

We specially curate our product range to create and supply unique and bespoke convenient solutions or bundled packages of products to communicate information to staff, students or colleagues in all spaces including the workplace or educational environments.

Need a whiteboard on a mobile stand? No problem: we have partnered a full range of boards with the correct stands so there is no doubt that you get the display product you need.

Need a projector with a screen? Also no problem: we bundle a variety of projectors of varying aspect ratios and image quality with suitable screens so that your presentation is projected without important information being cut off on the screen.

Need to glue-bind booklets, manuals, tenders and financial statements? We have you covered: all of our thermal binding machines are paired with the binding covers that work best with each machine.

We package and bundle products together from the same or compatible top-quality suppliers with our key goal being to simplify our customers' ordering process of office tools:

  • that clearly and prominently display information,
  • that enable creative, communications and brainstorming surfaces for informing, sharing and collaborating,
  • that create impactful presentations in hard copy, projection, digital and interactive formats,
  • that simplify and neaten office or learning spaces.

The Whiteboard Shop also specializes in customizing whiteboards and glassboards with printing. We have supplied customized office boards for a vast range of applications, including:

  • planning & tracking in manufacturing and industrial operations;
  • room, staff and facilities management in the hospitality industry;
  • marketing tools with brand awareness and corporate identity promotion on glassboards in boardrooms and executive offices;
  • sales and contact lead target boards in retail and showrooms, such as the vehicle and financial services industries;
  • staff planning and attendance management when standard planning boards are not suitably detailed;
  • inventory and parts ordering or control in automotive, repairs and sales environments;
  • custom sports-tactic and music-teaching boards for schools and professional sports teams.

Ready to kit out your office with perfect products? Reach out to us today at for prompt and personable assistance. Let's solve this together! 

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