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Why choose a Glass Whiteboard over a Traditional Whiteboard?

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The Whiteboard Shop has sold modern glass whiteboards and traditional whiteboards since 2013. Over the past five years we have seen tremendous growth in the popularity of glass whiteboards. Glassboards or glass whiteboards offer a number of benefits over traditional whiteboards, from their durability and easy maintenance to their sleek, modern look which is particularly suited to executive offices and boardrooms. Here is a quick outline why our customers often prefer using glass whiteboards rather than traditional whiteboards.


One of the most significant benefits of glass whiteboards is their durability. Unlike traditional whiteboards, which can scratch, wear out over time or are easily damaged by using a solvent cleaner, glass whiteboards are made from tempered glass, which is incredibly strong and resistant to damage. This means that glass whiteboards can withstand heavy use and abuse, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas like conference rooms, boardrooms, offices and even classrooms. 

They are absolutely safe and cannot be broken unless industrial tools are used. This means they will be unmarked and undamaged by an accidental bump while cleaning the office, moving furniture around or even careless mistakes.

Easy Maintenance

Another advantage of glass whiteboards is their easy maintenance. Traditional whiteboards need more care in cleaning and, over time, they can become stained and discoloured, even with regular cleaning. 

"Ghosting" is the marking left on whiteboards that have not been cleaned regularly or cleaned with the incorrect solvent. This unfortunate occurrence is almost impossible with glass whiteboards that are used properly. Glass whiteboards are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped down with a whiteboard dry-eraser (similar to the old chalk dusters) or a damp cloth, and they won't stain or discolour over time. For ideal cleaning, you can use a micro-fibre cloth!

An added benefit is that glass whiteboards a more hygienic option too, as they are less likely to harbour bacteria or other germs.

Sleek, Modern Look

In addition to their practical benefits, glass whiteboards also offer a sleek, modern look that can enhance the appearance of any working environment. Unlike traditional whiteboards, which can look institutional and outdated, glass whiteboards have a clean, contemporary aesthetic that can help to elevate the overall design of a space. Glass whiteboards come in a variety of colours and styles, from clear glass to white/frosted or even coloured glass, so it's easy to find a look that works for any setting.

Think about a colour glassboard that matches your corporate identity, for example a dark blue glassboard which you write on with white or luminescent markers for some extra pop!


Over the average 25 year lifespan of a glass whiteboard, your investment is significantly smaller than with traditional whiteboards. 

The timeless and sophisticated look of glassboards ages well, while the robust writing surface is resistant to general, or even careless, wear over time.

Environmentally Friendly

Finally, an increasingly important consideration in our modern world: glass whiteboards are a more environmentally friendly option than traditional whiteboards. Traditional whiteboards are made from materials like plastic, which can be difficult to recycle and can contribute to environmental waste if the whiteboard does not make it's way to a recycling facility. Glass whiteboards, on the other hand, are made from tempered glass, which is a highly sustainable material. In addition, glass whiteboards have a longer lifespan than traditional whiteboards, which means they don't need to be replaced as often, reducing their environmental impact even further.

Typically, our range of glass whiteboards will have a lifespan of 25 years or longer.



The advantages are as clear as glass. Whether you're looking to outfit a conference room, office or classroom, glass whiteboards are a stylish, practical, and eco-friendly option that can help to enhance the overall design and functionality of your space.

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