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Various types of Craft Knives

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The Various Types of Craft Knives


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If you’re someone who is involved with craftwork, there’s a range of tools that you use on an almost daily basis. One of the many tools you’re likely to come across is the craft knife.

Typically, when we say craft knife, we refer to a tool that features a handle at one end and a sharp blade on the other. This blade doesn’t measure more than an inch or two.

This particular type of craft knife still remains popular among craftspeople. However, it’s not the only kind of craft knife you’ll find on the market. There are quite a few varieties.

In fact, that’s what we’re going to do in today’s blog – discuss the various kind of craft knives on the market. So, let’s begin.

The standard craftsman’s knife

This is the most common type of craft knife on the market – the one that we just spoke about. These knives are used for heavy-duty crafting. However, that does not mean their application is limited. They are more than useful for artwork and other hobbies.

The standard craft knife comes with a stainless steel blade and a handle. The blade is sharp enough to cut through materials such as leather or wood.

The rotary craft knife

Next up, we have the rotary craft knife. As the name indicates, these knives come with a rotary blade. To put it simply, they’re round blades. Regarding appearance, these knives look like miniature versions of a power-saw.

The main advantage with rotary craft knives is that you can use them for free-form cutting. So, if you want to cut/carve out curves or other odd shapes, a rotary craft knife would be your ideal tool.

Disposable craft knife

The “use and throw” concept applies to craft knives as well, and that’s why we have disposable craft knives. As you might have already guessed, these knives don’t come with replaceable blades. So, once the existing blade becomes dull, you just throw away the whole knife.

These knives are temporary and are quite inexpensive as a result. They’re ideal for those “out of the blue” craft jobs that the average person might have to engage in.

One more thing – just because they’re disposable doesn’t mean they won’t get the job done. Just like any other craft knife, they’re quite sharp and capable. So, be careful when you use them.

Fingertip craft knife

This is one of the unique craft knives that you’ll come across. As the name indicates, it’s held at the fingertip. The handle is shaped like a ring to make it easier for you to place your finger in. This type of craft knife is generally used for light to medium-duty craft work. So, using it to cut strong or thick materials is a no-no.

The major benefit of fingertip craft knives is that they offer a high level of precision. You can use them to cut out near-perfect shapes. In fact, you even have swivel versions that offer a higher level of precision.

So, there you have it – a variety of craft knives to choose from!

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