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Permanent Markers and Their Applications in Everyday Life

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Permanent Markers and Their Applications in Everyday Life

If you’ve worked with stationery items, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the permanent marker. The permanent marker is a major stationery item that you’ll find almost anywhere. This includes the classroom, the office and even your home.


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Now, have you ever wondered what permanent makers really are? Well, if you have, you’ve come to the right place. Our little blog here offers every little thing you’ve ever wanted to know about permanent markers. So, let’s explore.

An introduction

As you can learn from the name, permanent markers are “permanent”. They are composed of certain chemicals that allow the ink to develop this particular characteristic. As a result, you can use permanent markers to write on a wide range of surfaces, such as metal or wood, and not worry about the ink wearing off.

Permanent markers came into existence about 50-60 years ago, and since then, they’ve become a common stationery product. You can find them in almost any stationery store, online or otherwise. Their applications are wide-ranging and that’s why you’ll find them in any professional environment.


Permanent markers are used in a variety of scenarios and for multiple purposes. One of the most basic applications is labelling. If you’ve ever made copies of CDs, you’re likely to have marked the CDs using a permanent marker. They can also be used to mark documents.

However, that’s just one of the uses. You can also use permanent markers to mark objects or belongings. Since the ink is permanent, it doesn’t come off unless you use special chemicals. So, let’s say you want to mark an item to communicate the fact that it belongs to you, you can use a permanent marker. It’s a far more cost-effective option compared to getting a printed label.

Another common use of permanent markers is to write or draw objects onto a transparency. A transparency, also known as a view foil or viewgraph, is a thin, transparent sheet made from cellulose acetate. These sheets are often placed on an overhead projector, which then projects the contents of the sheet onto a surface such as a projector screen.

This is quite commonly done as part of business or academic presentations. For instance, in a classroom, the lecturer or the professor will project transparency sheets with diagrams or other illustrations. So, needless to say, permanent markers are extensively used in academia.

Apart from the more “formal” uses, permanent markers have also been used by people to create art. In fact, there are plenty of modern artists who create exclusive artwork using coloured permanent markers. Just Google “permanent marker art” and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Other than that, permanent markers have also used for the purposes of corrective work. For instance, people have used them to colour faded objects. The permanency of the ink ensures that the colouring stays.

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