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Custom Printed Whiteboards and Glassboards

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Custom Printed Whiteboards and Glassboards

Decades ago, blackboards were mainly used in classrooms by teachers or lecturers but then along came the whiteboard. Whiteboards then revolutionized the blackboard and changed the way teachers and students approached learning.

The next evolution in office and teaching boards progressed to tempered glass manufactured boards which are much easier to clean and longer-lasting. That was great for the environment as well as for the purchaser as it eliminates ghosting and can last a lifetime.

However, it gets even better. In addition to the standard glassboards and whiteboards, The Whiteboard Shop offers magnetic and non-magnetic custom-printed whiteboards and customized glass boards. You can now customize your glass or whiteboard in any number of ways which is fantastic for doctors rooms, hospitals, teachers, vets, workshops, boardroom, sales offices and anyone who wants to add a personal touch to their board.

There is so much you can do to add the personal touch, tailor-made to your specific desires. The choices are endless. You can custom print any graphics, image or logo onto your glass board as well as choose from clear, white or coloured glass, frosted glass, magnetic glass, patterned glass or even black glass. You can print an image that covers the entire board or just print your logo onto it for branding purposes. Printing monthly/yearly planners or production targets onto a board ensures it looks professional. Printed boards look smart, eliminate wasted time and unsightly crooked lines drawn on by hand, which often get rubbed out inadvertently when updating information.

Any number of specialized and client specific requirements can be printed onto both glass and whiteboards. Just one simple example: lines or squares for plotting graphs or larger blocks for drawing accuracy, customer specific rows, sales targets and columns. This is very helpful for businesses whose employees work with weekly shift rotation or personal product allocation.

We also custom make specific sizes of whiteboards, magnetic or non-magnetic, as well as glass whiteboards. Custom sizes do require additional production time so keep that in mind as well.

So get in touch with us so we can make and print the perfect board for you.

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