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Interactive Touch LED Panels

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Interactive whiteboards are a compact solution for stunning presentations in the boardroom, classroom or a lecture hall. If your business often gives presentations or sales pitches then you can't go wrong investing in a product like this.

Visual representations of ideas and concepts are always better communicated than just the spoken or written word.
People lose interest easily so keeping them entertained with pictures and graphs or online content will no doubt make a big difference.

Interactive whiteboards are available in various sizes ranging from 55, 65, 75 inch, up to 84 inch.

Interactive LED panels can have full access to almost any program or app installed on the user’s tablet, computer or the device hardware, allowing the user to easily navigate through their device and pull up information onto the LED panel.

The interactive touch screen is based on infrared sensor technology that identifies up to 20 or more points of touch, thereby enhancing the productivity of the screen. 

Touch technology has become commonplace with the saturation of the market with touch sensitive smart phones and tablets. This makes the interactive whiteboard and touch LED panel entirely intuitive and requires low computer literacy levels.

Our eco-friendly interactive touch screen adopts LED backlight which enables us to offer a thinner panel, lower power consumption, better heat dissipation, brighter display, better contrast level and altogether add up to less pollution production on disposal. Power saving technology is also incorporated.

We offer a broad range of interactive whiteboards that also come with a 2-3 year warranty. Additional features include a Wi-Fi supported printer, screen mirror, on screen annotation, device sharing, virtual whiteboard, intelligent temperature control and auto light adjustment, as well as the options to download an endless array of apps.

We have various interactive whiteboards available to suit diverse needs so be sure to look through our range and find the one best suited to your specific needs. We are certain that you will find one that will add a touch of elegance and dynamic vibrance to all your presentations.

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