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How A Chalkboard Can Surprisingly Enable A Captivating Presentation

With the rapid advancement of technology and the digitization of every aspect of our life, chalkboards seem like a thing of the past. Today, PPTs and projectors are mostly used when someone has to make a presentation, whether at school or work. However, what most may not register is that chalkboards, in the digital world we live in today, can enable you to give a captivating and informative presentation.

This is one of those cases where old truly is gold. Because no matter how technologically advanced some equipment we have today are, there are areas where a good old chalkboard surpasses them in terms of functionality and engagement. Let us take a look at how a chalkboard can help you give an impressive presentation.

  • Great for making your point in real time

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using chalkboards for presentation is that they are great for making your point in real time. Whether you use a black chalkboard or a green chalkboard, you can easily write or draw what you have to in order to get your point across. So, even if you have a great idea on the spot, you can easily include it then and there. With powerpoint presentations, this is not possible, and you have to follow only what you have prepared for.

  • Highly engaging and dynamic

Another advantage is that chalkboards are engaging and dynamic, hugely because they can be used to do things in real time. For many, it is the preferred tool if they want the audience to be part of the presentation by raising questions and providing their input. The presenter can put up such feedback on the board or use the board to effectively answer their questions using a visual aid that you can adapt according to the flow of the presentation or discussion. This makes the entire experience wholly engaging and dynamic for everyone.

  • Easy to present for the audience to understand

Because of the quality that we described in the earlier point, chalkboards make presentations a whole lot easier both for the presenter and the audience. A chalkboard enables highly interactive presentations, where the audience is not only a passive listener but can actively participate. For this reason, it makes the entire presentation much easier and smoother for both parties involved.

  • Does not strain the eyes

Chalkboards, since they are not projected screens, are relatively gentler to the eyes. They do not harm our vision. Today, we spend almost every waking hour in front of a screen, especially if you work in a corporate, your job requires you to sit in front of a computer all day, which can be severely damaging for your eyes. However, if you use a chalkboard for your presentation, it can serve as a much-needed break from bright screens for your audience and you, to a more calming and harmless sight.

  • Inexpensive, yet effective and practical

Chalkboards are extremely affordable, especially when compared to its digital alternatives. This makes them an ideal tool for presentation for many companies, especially start-ups.

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