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Important Considerations for Laminating Machines

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Whether you're interested in a laminating machine for your office or you're just considering getting one for home, these machines add value by making printed items more durable. Here are a few quick thoughts to consider before buying a laminator.

Laminating machines are fun to use and due to their multiple uses they are very functional, personally as well as professionally. Businesses and companies  use them for ID cards and signs, teachers  and student teachers and lecturers make durable study aids and teaching tools as well as other classroom and student  resources. Many people find various ways laminating helps keep things safe and lengthens the lifespan of articles. This is popular with preschool teachers as sticky hands are a constant part of the day, but the same reason for laminating might apply to menus in a restaurant or fast food spot.

If you’re considering purchasing a laminating machine for personal use and don't intend on laminating hundreds or thousands of articles a standard laminator will do nicely. No need to spend thousands on advanced machines. Most laminating machines will do the job for at home.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of laminating for work or you're considering purchasing one for the office then it’s worth spending money on the machines capable of higher volumes and constant work load.

Some laminating machines are high speed laminators which work very quickly and also have a memory function. This is helpful for laminating various different things especially if you don’t have the time to  reprogram it. A lot of print and copy shops use these types of machines.

Before choosing your laminating machine check which size documents the machine can accommodate. This is important both in terms of the paper or cardboard size, as well as the thickness. Usually A3 laminators  cover most people’s requirements as they can also laminate anything smaller than A3. If you're going to be laminating big documents like posters then an A2 machine is probably a better choice.

Laminating pouches are handy for people who laminate awkward sizes and shapes. Teachers often find laminating pouches very useful as they save time and effort.

A3  laminating machines, for example, will laminate from ID card size up to A3 and will probably handle odd shapes as well, if  you use laminating pouch carriers every time you laminate.

Another consideration when it comes to laminating pouches is whether matt or gloss pouches are better suited. Gloss laminations may give off an irritating glare so if you're going to be filming a presentation or using laminated materials where bright lights are going to cause problems a matt finish is a wiser choice. That said, the gloss pouches give a smoother and superior look and feel in most opinions.

Check the thickness of  pouches which is measured in microns. The more microns, the thicker the pouch.  If you want your document to be  sturdy or rigid like for ID cards, menus and study aids or it's going to be handled often and wear and tear is an issue, then choose thicker pouches. If you will be filing documents and do not require as much rigidity or lengthy lifespan, then the thinner, lower micron, pouches will do. Do your research and compare different machines before you make your choice. Check for things like warranty and jam release function. 

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