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Choosing Between A Glass Whiteboard And A Standard Whiteboard

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Choosing Between A Glass Whiteboard And A Standard Whiteboard

Whiteboards are one of the most essential elements in any office space. In fact, they are must-haves not only in offices, but also in classrooms, hospitals, home offices and so on and so forth. Whiteboards extend the much-required functionality of a scribble surface which is in plain view of everyone and can be erased and reused time and again. Like all other innovations, something as simple and functional like a whiteboard, too, has now come up with variations that you can consider when planning to buy one for your business. The two variations we are going to discuss about are the standard whiteboards, which have been around for decades now, and its newest counterpart, the glass whiteboard.

Aesthetics Glass whiteboards are a rage, right now. Primarily, because of the sleek look that makes it a perfect accessory for modern and technology-focused businesses. The glass whiteboards complement the symmetrically aligned line of screens in the workplace, along with chic glass doors and cubicles which give spaces depth and make smaller areas look wider.

Ease of cleaning Glass whiteboards are also a favorite among many given its non-porous surface that does not hold on to any ink, making cleaning the ink on the surface, a cakewalk. The same cannot be said for standard whiteboards. Anybody, who has ever used one would know that the ink leaves markings on the board which requires a special liquid to clean completely. Therefore, maintaining a standard whiteboard becomes a rather difficult task than that of a glass one, which cleans easily no matter how long you leave the ink on it.

Stickiness Standard whiteboards provide functionality that many find indispensable; the ability to stick magnets and post-it notes on its surface which is otherwise difficult on its glass counterpart. Glass being a slippery, non-porous surface does not allow sticky notes to stay up for long. As for magnets, glass whiteboards that have a steel mount backing them will have some tolerance towards magnets which won’t be as high as that of a normal whiteboard. So, it might hold on to a magnet for some time, but not for long.

Ease of reading Glass whiteboards often pose an issue to readers due to the light it reflects on its surface. Also, the distance between the tempered glass surface and the background causes for the characters written on the glass whiteboard to cast a shadow that makes it difficult to read. This occurs especially if someone wants to take a picture of the glass whiteboard with some information on it. The only solution is to place the board in a manner that it does not reflect any light, irrespective of the direction it is viewed from and clicking pictures with the flash off. This issue is otherwise non-existent when it comes to standard whiteboards.

Customization You can customize the background of your glass whiteboard with the color of your choice. A color that matches your office’s theme or your brand would be a great choice to customize your glass whiteboards. Standard whiteboards don’t offer much scope when it comes to customization. Both kinds of whiteboards come with their own set of pros and cons. By weighing in the parameters listed above and finding out which of them are important to you and your business, you can take the call to buy just the right whiteboard to add to your office essentials list.

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