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Getting Signage Right For Your Event

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Getting Signage Right For Your Event

If you’ve attended enough events or conferences, you’d know that most of them fail at navigating visitors properly. More often than not, visitors find themselves running up and down in search of the right spot. Now, there are several reasons why an event or conference organizers fail at leveraging signage in the proper manner. In fact, sometimes, it isn't even their fault. Most event locations are built to be multipurpose, which means they don’t cater to a specific type of event. So, organizers are forced to improvise. Even so, it is always a wise idea to try your best. So, if you’re organizing an event or a conference anytime soon, here are some signage ideas to help you out.

Identify key locations As soon as you book your venue, make sure that you know where all the primary signage should go up. For this, you will need to see things from the visitor’s perspective, starting right from point A to point Z. Begin by thinking how the visitor will pick their tickets and enter the venue. Think about how they’ll clam their registration packets, locate their booths, stages, or speakers, etc. All of this is very important and you need to get inside the visitor’s shoes to gain a clearer picture. Of course, the exact movements will depend on the type of event. But, there is a general blueprint here that you can develop and refer to. In fact, here are the major signage items that need to go up.

  • Stages
  • Lines
  • Entrance
  • Restrooms
  • Food and Drink Vendors
  • Charging Stations for Electronics
  • Lines
  • Information Desks
  • Registration
  • Exit


Use visuals and colours Signage doesn’t always have to be simple text. Though just text might suffice in most cases, it doesn’t really have an impact in terms of getting attention. So, make your signage more noticeable and helpful by using appropriate visuals and colours. For instance, bright colours are known to be very effective in bringing people’s attention things. This is exactly why a lot of brands use bright coloured packaging for their products. So, you can do that as well. Visuals, on the other hand, can be helpful in communicating the meaning of a sign or even assists with identification. They can also help with better recognition. For example, large event venues usually have multiple sectors with separate buildings. You can take pictures of those buildings or rooms and place them along with the text on your signage. This will help visitors recognize the structures or rooms that they’re looking for. So, as you can see, wayfinding and signage play a major role in making events as visitor-friendly as possible. Visitors don't like running around. If they're forced to, don't expect any positive feedback. Placing signage appropriately is the first step to ensuring that your event is well-remembered. If you’re looking for high-quality signage equipment, just visit We've got an extensive range of all signage related products to help you make your event a true success.

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