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Whiteboards are Useful at Home Too!

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Whiteboards are Useful at Home Too!

Generally, when we speak about ‘whiteboards,' we tend to focus on their use in the classroom or the office. The reason for this is that most “whiteboard usage” is within an academic or business setting. You could even say that they’re designed for those very purposes.

However, their application isn’t strictly limited to the office or classroom. You can even use them at home. Yes, you heard that right – whiteboards can serve a purpose at home too. If you’re still scratching your head, don’t. We’re here to clear out the confusion with our list of all the creative and practical things you can do with a whiteboard at home.


Looking for motivation to keep you going through the day? Well, a whiteboard can come in handy. Some people use whiteboards to put up motivational quotes for themselves or the family. In fact, we’ve heard of families that use whiteboards to write down the events of the day and share an important lesson related to those events.

In other words, a whiteboard can be a motivational tool at home.

Prevent wall-doodles

If you’ve got young kids at home, you can be sure that you’ll end up with wall doodles eventually. However, you can prevent that with a whiteboard. You see, children doodle on the wall because they really don’t have an option.

It’s not like a two-year-old gets a canvas from his/her parents to practice their amazing artistic skills. So, they end up choosing the wall. But, with a whiteboard, you can avoid that. Just put up a few small-sized whiteboards on the walls and teach your young one to use them whenever the urge to doodle kicks in.

Track your dates

Want to stay more organized? Well, a whiteboard at home can definitely help with that. You can put up one of those whiteboard calendars and keep a track of things to do and other commitments. This way, you won’t ever forget important dates or events.

Shopping lists!

You can also use whiteboards to put up your grocery list. For instance, you can note down items that you’ve run out of and cross them out when they’ve been bought/replaced. You can even assign each item to a particular person at home, which is a great way to divide up the work. Plus, people are likely to remember a shorter list.


Why spend money on Post-It notes to leave notes behind. Just get a whiteboard and put your notes and important messages on it. There’s enough space on it for a week’s worth of notes/messages. Just add dates for better context.

A whiteboard is a one-time expense while Post-It notes will run out and you’ll have to keep buying more. Plus, you’ll be saving paper as well.


Do you enjoy game nights? Well, if you do, a whiteboard is something you'll love. There are tons of games that go well with a whiteboard. For example, Pictionary or even Knots & Crosses.

So, there you have it – practical uses for the whiteboard at home. With a little creativity and imagination, you can probably find more uses.

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