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Why you want a whiteboard...

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Wondering what to get your friends and family for Christmas this year? It's almost the end of the year which means school holidays so lots of "free" time at home with the children and extended family.

Have you been trying to figure out how to alleviate some of the boredom? You know it's going to be a theme within the first week of holidays. It's no doubt going to be up to you to come up with fun ways to keep everyone occupied.

Your sanity depends on it. Boredom invariably means squabbling and tears. Keeping your family occupied is the only way you can avoid all that fighting. Well alright, not all of it but some.

Almost everyone loves stationery right? I've never met anyone who didn't. Give a child some stationery and they'll entertain themselves for hours. The younger they are the easier this is to accomplish. Older kids will probably be fighting over whose turn it is to play whatever computer game is driving you nuts every single day for six weeks. But there are going to be times when keeping friends and family and friends' kids occupied is going to be imperative if you plan to survive and make it through to the next year unscathed.

Welcome to the wonderful world of whiteboards. No doubt you're already familiar with them. You might use one at the office or school. Most people have or use them in some capacity. Maybe yoynever considered giving one as a gift before because they're often so large and difficult to transport or store.

Here's the good news. Whiteboards come in so many different sizes and variations these days that there is something for everyone.

If you've been inside a stationery shop or printing shop lately you'll know what I'm talking about.

There are so many options to choose from. You're no longer limited to one or two sizes and three coloured pens.

Expressing yourself has never been this exciting. Everyone can join in. If you didn't already know about flexible magnetic whiteboards pay attention because this is where a whole new world of fun opens up. You can use this product on your new hard whiteboard or on an already existing magnetic whiteboard. Your kids will love it.

Being creative with gifts is easy too. You won't have to spend hours shopping for everyone. Get your kids involved creating cute, funny pictures that will last for years.

Or get them to make frames for photographs. Nothing else captures a moment quite as effectively as a photograph. But unless you send photos to your friends and family via social media or frame them that's where it ends.

Actually it doesn't. Remember the soft magnetic labels mentioned just now?? Anyone who has kids knows they all want magnets. Well now you can incorporate all your favourite fun things into whiteboard crafting.

Round up your minions and get out all your paraphernalia so your kids (and some adults too) can start getting creative. Get them to make personalized Christmas cards or whatever other things they want to draw or make. Then all you do is scan the pictures, photographs and so on and print them onto the magnetic whiteboards.

Don't worry if you can't do the printing yourself because most printing and stationery shops can print anything onto magnetic sheets for you. If you supply it you can get it done for a reduced price.

When they're done you can stick them on your magnetic whiteboard or theirs and decide which ones go to people as gifts and which ones you can keep and enjoy for years to come.

Believe me, your kids will think you are the coolest and all their friends and yours will want some too!


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