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How To Use Your Flipcharts Effectively for an Impactful Presentation

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Flipcharts typically serve the dual purpose of both a dynamic innovation tool as well as a static presentation tool. From displaying information to representing your ideas and even conducting a brainstorming session, flipcharts allow you to incorporate multiple training techniques in both classroom and corporate settings.

That being said, using a flipchart in an impactful way is a basic skill that you must certainly possess if you wish to emerge as a star public speaker in your organization.

To make things simpler for you, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that you might employ for using your flipcharts in an impactful way.

Preparation is the key

You cannot expect to deliver a stimulating presentation if you are not fully prepared with your content and display tools. Apart from rehearsing the details of your presentation thoroughly, you must also make sure that your flipchart has enough paper to last throughout the presentation. Also, double check your markers to make sure that they are working and haven’t dried out.

Go for bold colors

Great visibility is an important aspect of a quality presentation. Always make sure to employ the use of bright and bold shades such as red, dark green, blue and black on your flipcharts, to make the content conspicuous from even the last row of the audience in the room. Steer clear of pastel or neon shades such as fluorescents or yellows that might end up getting lost against the white background of the flipchart.

Be consistent in your choice of colors

If you are planning to use multiple colors across your content, make sure to stay consistent while choosing your palette. For instance, it is always advisable to use blacks for your base text. Now if you wish to incorporate more colors you might pick a green, blue or red marker to annotate your text or simply highlight your keywords.

Ensure maximum visibility of your flipchart

Most speakers end up committing the grave mistake of positioning their flipcharts at the exact same spot wherefrom they began their presentation at the start of the session. Viewing a man or woman from far away and viewing textual content from the same distance is not really the same thing. If you want your audience seated in the last row to be able to properly read and visualize the content, it is essential to position your flipchart at a more convenient and conspicuous spot in the room.

Keep it neat

While most people fail to realize its value, penmanship is another critical skill that is required for delivering a more effective and engaging presentation. Regardless of however interesting or thought provoking your content is, it is of no particular use if no one is able to read it.
Practice your handwriting and try to present your content in a neat and organized way.

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