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Frameless Pinboards

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Frameless Pinboards

Everybody's house, classroom or office needs organizing. No matter how many cupboards, drawers, shelves and containers you may have they're often never enough. The clutter just keeps on piling up! Pinboards always come in handy, especially if you are a parent. If, as a parent of a school-going kid, you are inundated with school notices which always either get lost or end up crumpled or torn at the bottom of your child's school bag then a pinboard is the ideal product for you and your family.

Here we are focusing on the family-friendly, home-use range of pinboards, but there are many larger and more robust boards suitable to the office, classroom or factory environment. The most affordable pinboards are those without a frame and they come in various sizes: 450x300mm, 600x450mm and 900x600mm. These are best suited to home use and so there will be a pinboard available that is the right size and fit for your household.

Felt dyed pinboards come in various colours including: Black, Grey, Royal Blue, Burgundy, Orange, Green, Red, Lime, Sky, Beige, Pink, Yellow and Purple. Because felt dye lots may vary it is important to check colour availability when ordering the perfect pinboard for your needs, especially if the exact colour is important to you. Pinboards can be mounted horizontally or vertically and when purchasing one, mounting hooks are included. This particular range of pinboards is frameless and light and installation only takes a few minutes. Because of the light weight and size pinboards are easy to lift and move around. This means that you can easily move your pinboard from room to room.

Pinboards are so light that even a small child can easily pick one up and carry it. Because they are covered in felt there is little to no chance of any nasty accidents or injury. Pinboards are the ideal product for storing important notices, shopping lists (which can then easily be removed and taken with you to the store when doing your shopping), letters, photos, pictures, to do lists, postcards and even other things like light bags of lunch or candy.

Pinboards can also be used by students for school projects, demonstations or speeches. Smaller pinboards are easy to transport to school and back and the visual cues assist students greatly with keeping a clear head during those nervous and daunting moments when the anxiety of public speaking overwhelms them. Being able to display vibrant, eye catching pictures goes a long way when it comes to presentation.

Keep your life tidy and teach your kids how to organize with a pinboard at home!

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